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A Service Company


Like many of us who have spent decades on professional career tracks, Deborah had a vision of doing something more meaningful and rewarding. As world travelers and entrepreneurs, Deborah and her husband, Alfred Marton (retired) were drawn to this opportunity to serve and connect with people on a global scale. In 2001 they incorporated as  Marton Enterprises, Inc. with Lingo2Lingo Translations as their main subsidiary.

A Service Business for the 21st Century

As a growing business, Lingo2Lingo Translations is proud to offer a consistently high level of personalized customer care. Your call is very important to us. We embrace the technological advances, but we strongly believe in the “people helping people” aspect of our business. This philosophy is all the more important since a translation agency involves critical issues of localization, a clear understanding and interpretation of the idioms and nuances found in all languages.

Management Team


Born in NY, Deborah attended Tufts University in Massachusetts and Mills College in New York City. She has spent her last 38 years in California working in administrative management. Deborah is president and CEO of the company, Marton Enterprises, Inc. with Lingo2Lingo translations, their main subsidiary that was established in 2001.

Her company Lingo2Lingo Translations has been in business since 2001. It is a home based company and therefore can provide the personal service that a larger company cannot. Deborah gives careful attention to every detail. The final product will not only convey the information verbatim in your targeted language but it will also look like the original text as it was written in its primary language. L2L provides service to both companies and individuals, translating all kinds of documents and material from one language into another.

L2L has a staff of over 2500 translators in different countries and they match their translator with the specialty required by their clients. They only use native translators when going into a language other than English so that all nuances and idioms will be correct. Their client list includes employee recognition companies, pet food companies, real estate companies with both local and worldwide contracts and websites, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies and hospitals, to name a few.
They provide personal service and are very committed to honoring their client’s budget and timeframes.


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